Tim Ferriss Has Something to Say About Suicide

So Tim Feriss is basically a Life Hacker and a Guinea Pig. He has parlayed this into a pretty astounding career, and though my feelings about him are mixed, there is no doubt he's a highly successful, productive, and intelligent person. I've read all of his books, and enjoyed them. He's a sort of guru for many people, and for all intents and purposes, strikes me as a person who has his shit together. He's written on everything from how to live your dream life, to how to pack on the muscle, to how to make really good meatloaf (it is really good ya'll). Hell, he even dedicated a whole chapter in the The 4-Hour Body to the female orgasm. I gotta respect that.

Recently, Tim has talked a little bit in his blog about his own Mental Health. I have to say I respect the hell out of this given that part of his self-branding is his Type-A, bigger, faster, stronger, easier, minnimum-effective-dose ethos. So when he gets honest about his struggles with self-doubt and suicide, I listen. And I thank him. Because it sheds light on the fact that none of has our shit together nearly as much as we'd like others to believe. We all struggle. We ALL struggle. His honest account of what he's struggled with, and how he has dealt with it are a great read. Check out his post on suicide here. And you can check out his earlier post on how he "hacks" his own neurosis and self-defeating habits here. He really bares his soul in these two posts, and I think he has some important things to say. I also think that when we share stories like this it chips away at the shame inherent in our culture regarding struggles with mental health.

As always, if you're feeling unsafe you can get in touch with the Suicide Prevention Lifeline by clicking the banner in the sidebar or calling 1-800-273-8255 or click here for their website.

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